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The Village of Bolivar is accepting applications for the Position of part-time Street Laborer.  We will be accepting applications for this position until a qualified candidate is found and the rate of pay is $17 per hour.  A detailed job description for the position can be found below.  Please send letter of interest and resumes to Mayor@villageofbolivar.com or drop off at the Village Office between the hours of 9am to 1pm.

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New June 9, 2022

JOB DESCRIPTION: Village of Bolivar Fiscal Officer


The Fiscal Officer is appointed by the Mayor with Council approval, to serve until removal from office. This position is an “Exempt position” per the “Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)”, and participates in the ‘PERS’ pension fund. 

The Fiscal Officer performs all of the tasks related to being the chief fiscal officer of the Village of Bolivar and performs all of the duties and functions given to Village Clerk-Treasurers under the general laws of Ohio to the extent that those laws are not in conflict with the ordinances, resolutions, and/or policies of Bolivar. 

The Fiscal Officer serves at the discretion of the Mayor and works under the Mayor’s immediate supervision. The Fiscal Officer also works with all Village departments and staff as needed for the effective administration of the Village. The Fiscal Officer will supervise any assistant clerk or other administrative assistant in the Village offices. 

As a “First Point of Public Contact”, it is necessary to have scheduled hours in the village offices. The Fiscal Officer is involved in most areas of Village operation, and serves as the first point of contact, and a resource for Council, V.A., Mayor, and the Village as a whole. 

The following requirements are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive, and other work will be assigned from time to time. Assignments are supervised by the Mayor. Employees in this position are expected to exercise some judgement in work methods and planning detail. 


1. A village fiscal officer appointed under this section shall perform the duties provided by law for the village clerk and treasurer and any other duties consistent with the nature of the office that are provided for by municipal ordinance. 

2. Keeps the financial records of the Village, establishes the accounting system, financial records and reports used by the offices, department, divisions, bureaus, boards and commission of the Village 

3. Receives and deposits funds, and invests revenues. Deposit all funds according to the Uniform Depository Act, ORC Chapter 135. 

4. Perform accurate and timely payroll functions: register employees with the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), taking proper deductions from their pay & submitting same to OPERS monthly; prepare and pay quarterly payroll taxes to the IRS, Ohio State Treasurer; prepare and distribute yearly W-2 and 1099-MISC forms, submitting same to the IRS and Ohio State Treasurer. Prepares and signs all checks for payments and payroll 

5. Maintains and supervises the purchasing policy 

6. Prepares various monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required by school districts, local, state, and federal governmental agencies 

7. Balances all financial records monthly and reconciles with bank statements 

8. Maintains an inventory of the Village’s assets and property 

9. Provides information and assists representatives of the state examiner’s office during the audit process 

10. Provides analyses and projections of future revenue and expenditures, as requested by Mayor or Council 

11. Assists in the tax administration program 

12. Acts as the Village’s grants financial coordinator 

13. Assists the Mayor in the preparation and submission of appropriation measures, estimates, budgets, capital programs, and other financial matters 

14. Provides full and complete information concerning the financial affairs and status of the Village as requested by the Mayor or Council; and provides full and complete information and assistance concerning the finances or accounting systems or records of any office, department, division, bureau, board or commission of the Village as requested by the Mayor Council 

15. Maintains personnel files, including records of payroll and benefits 

16. Maintains all the personnel records of the Village staff and performs human resources duties and management as necessary, including but not limited to Workers Compensation items and researching insurance coverage 

17. Oversees all tasks related to the position of the Clerk of Council 

18. Prepare, distribute, and post agendas for all required meetings, attends meetings and maintains a record of proceedings of the Council and a record of all ordinances and resolutions adopted by Council 

19. Gives notice of regular and special council meetings to its members and the public 

20. Determine best practices 

21. Attends all Council meetings and keep a record of all proceeding, rules, bylaws and legislation. When new Village laws require publication, the Fiscal Officer shall certify that publication was made. 

22. Keeps records of all property owned by the Village. He or she must keep records of all taxes and assessments. (O.R.C. 733.28) 

23. Village offices and departments shall make detailed monthly reports to the Fiscal Officer of their receipts and expenditures. 

24. Certify to the Court of Common Pleas of Tuscarawas County the election of each Village officer with judicial powers. (O.R.C. 733.15) 

25. Keep official file/record of bonds for any officer, employee, or entity required by the Village Council. (O.R.C. 733.69) Any officer or employee required by Council to furnish a bond shall file his bond with the Fiscal Officer. 

26. In August, the Fiscal Officer shall provide and certify to the county auditor a list of “Estimated Resources”, including year-end balances; reconcile receipts and expenditures against Appropriations, making Council-approved adjustments as necessary for the county budget commission to amend its certificate of estimated resources. (O.R.C. 5705.36) 

27. The Fiscal Officer and the Mayor must sign Village contracts. Any contract or expenditure, unless exempt, must have attached the Fiscal Officer’s certification that the necessary fund is available per ORC 731.14 and 5705.41. 

28. The Fiscal Officer shall acquire from the county treasurer those Village taxes and assessments placed on the auditor’s tax list for collection, and debts due to the Village to be disbursed upon proper authorization, plus all funds from any Village department. 

29. At the first of January meeting of Council each year the Fiscal Officer shall report on the Village financial condition, including amounts and courses of receipts, disbursements and accounts. The balance due on each fund shall be reported. The Fiscal Officer shall also keep a treasury investment account documenting the investments of treasury funds. 

30. Establish and maintain Record Retention Policy. 

31. Provide Public Information Requests per O.R.C. 

32. Supervises and delegates duties to the Assistant Clerk. 


1. First Point of Public Contact – The Fiscal Officer is involved in most areas of Village operation, and serves as the first point of contact and a resource for Council, Village Administrator, Mayor, and the Village as a whole. 

2. Other duties adopted and/or required by law. 

3. Attend seminars and meetings required to stay current with State of Ohio laws and regulations that affect this job and public finance. 

4. Operate a variety of office equipment including: telephone, fax, copier, digital recorder, check scanner, typwewriter, computer and various computer software programs. Tools, programs, and subscriptions provided by the Village. 

5. Oversees Village Website. Post agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, notices, and calendar to website and designated public media sites: through electronic and required methods. 


INTERNAL: Full-time and Part-Time Staff, Street Superintendent, Council, and Mayor. 

EXTERNAL: Local Community (Bolivar Residents), General Community (Residents outside of Bolivar), and phone contacts. The Fiscal Officer assists citizens with problems regarding municipal financial problems, and evaluates existing programs and develops recommendations for improvement to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness of Village operations and services. Confers with elected officials, state and federal agencies, private organizations and citizens concerning Village matters; represents the Village before legislative, judicial, and administrative bodies 


1. Prefer five (5) years or equivalent public finance and accounting. 

2. Prefer specialized training/education/certification in accounting/bookkeeping. 

3. The ability to communicate financial information to people with limited knowledge and understanding of how public finance works id helpful. 

4. Must demonstrate experience working with limited supervision. 

5. Must demonstrate ability to handle confidential information. 

6. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and other computer software. 

7. Must be proficient with the state financial software program or approved equivalent. 

8. Must be proficient with the Ohio Employee Payroll Systems. 

9. Prefer knowledge and experience with ohiocheckbook.com 

10. Must be proficient with accounts receivable/payable procedures. 

11. Prefer knowledge and experience using social media to advertise and post notices, announcements, and events. 


1. Must be able to provide excellent customer service skills. 

2. Must be able to initiate and follow up communication as needed. 

3. Must be able to communicate verbally clearly with citizens and other staff members. 

4. Must be able to perform all of the specified duties to a defined performance standard. 

5. Must be able to produce error free (near error free) work. 

6. Must be able to learn and adopt new procedures and job duties as work changes. 

7. Must be able to initiate informational searches using the internet. 

8. Must have the ability and aptitude for working alone without supervision for completing tasks and duties as assigned and required. 


1. Must have ability to sit for long periods of time. 

2. Ability to deal effectively with stress. 

3. Work is light lifting and exerting physical effort. 

4. Visual / hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written /verbal communication 

5. General good health. External applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job functions, either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by management on a case-by-case basis. 


1. High school diploma or GED required. 

2. Must be appointed by the Mayor with approval by the majority of Village Council. 

3. Must complete and submit a job application. 

4. Must be bond-able, pass a background check, have a valid driver’s license and meet insurance requirement. 

5. Must participate in random drug and alcohol testing as requested. 

6. Must be authorized to work in the United States and the state of Ohio. 

This job description contains the essential duties required for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities will change at any time with or without notice. 

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Village Administrator Date 


Bolivar is now accepting cash payments in person only. (not to be dropped off in box)

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